Super Easy Patternless A-Line Skirt

February 18, 2007

Sometimes you just feel like a simple skirt with nice, clean lines. And you don’t have a whole lot of fabric. This easy skirt is perfect! You’ll need two times the length that you want for the skirt. (So if you want a skirt that’s 25 inches long, you’ll need 50 inches of fabric, or about 1.5 yards.)

And if you want to see the directions, you’ll need to head over to my new blog. http://blvddesigns.wallypop.net/?p=26



  1. […] Super Easy Patternless A-Line Skirt […]

  2. Hey Crafty girl,
    I loved this pattern and would love to share it on my blog. Is that ok?

    Crafts by MG

  3. […]  https://onecraftygirl.wordpress.com/2007/02/18/super-easy-patternless-a-line-skirt/#comment-297   […]

  4. Actually I’d prefer if you’d link to the post in my current blog. http://blvddesigns.wallypop.net/?p=26


  5. Can you give more detail about how to sew a waistband? I’ve only sewn simple curtains (straight line sewing) and I really don’t have a clue about how to sew the waistband. Is it difficult?

  6. Can I add to the waistband of this pattern and use elastic instead of the zipper and button? I love the pattern and it is what I have been looking for.

  7. Please visit this post at my current blog for more information. http://blvddesigns.wallypop.net/?p=26

  8. Fab instructions, thank you very much. I may well be trying this out this evening.

  9. this is so great, thanks. anybody who is reading this pattern and thinks “that is too simple to work” should try it! Trust the numbers and your own measurements — waaay better than any commercial skirt pattern I have ever made. I made this in less than an hour and I’m wearing it now! Gonna make six more this weekend. This is my new uniform!

  10. Thanks very much for sharing these instructions. I just made the skirt for my 4 year old. I used a yard of fabric and didn’t bother with a waistband (just turned it over a few times at the top). It’s a cute skirt! I’ll try one for myself next.

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  15. […] Super Easy Patternless A-Line Skirt […]

  16. […] Super Easy Patternless A-Line Skirt […]

  17. i love this website! whoever hasn’t checked it out needs to.

  18. […] “two skirts in two days” project.  took my patternless instructions from Sarah over at One Crafty Girl.  started with some amazing fabric from the best little re-use shop in Barre, The ReStore… […]

  19. […] One Crafty Girl […]

  20. I needed a skirt pattern to turn a top I found at a second-hand store into a dress. Your instructions are very clear and I am hoping I can make this work. Will send you a picture if I get it to turn out right. Thank you!!

  21. Hello,
    New here. Thanks

    Mary Aloe
    Proud Mary Entertainment

  22. […] world… you would think.  I found a great tutorial on it though.  OneCraftyGirl has a super easy patternless A-line skirt tutorial and it really is super easy.   I used this to make skirt #1.  I calculated […]

  23. Thank you!! Because of this simple pattern, I was able to finish my Mary Poppins-style halloween costume on time. Very pleased!

  24. Hi,
    really like your pattern, was working great for me until….

    i remembered i had forgotten about my butt.

    perhaps, for future amateur sewers, you could include something about remembering to leave room for their butts.


  25. […] to use my new rolled hem foot (love it!) and foldover elastic. I’ve made two or three A-line skirts but haven’t settled on a favorite yet. This one is in the lead but I am still tweaking for a […]

  26. LOVE IT! Thanks – I am now subscribed ;)

  27. Katherine, you might want to subscribe to the current blog: boulevarddesigns.com

    This one is no longer updated.

  28. Hello! I want to try to make a skirt this way! But I was wondering if you can explain how to attach the waistband and at what point?
    Thanks so much.
    NOVICE but excited skirt maker

  29. I will be happy to answer that question, but over at the current blog. http://blvddesigns.wallypop.net/?p=26

  30. I really like A-line skirts because they look so elegant. Your blog is a real help. Thanks a lot!

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    – Adventures in Craftiness”. I may you should be coming back to your webpage shortly.
    Thanks a lot ,Ute

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